Foundations of Title IV

Experience new productivity and improve your office’s customer service with FA Experts’ Professional Training Seminars. Unlike traditional financial aid conferences, FA Experts offers intensive, interactive workshops targeted to your specific training needs.

Foundations of Title IV Administration and Compliance

Give your staff the confidence and competitive edge to succeed. Professional training from FA Experts provides fundamental financial aid skills, up-to-the-minute regulatory expertise and is proven to reduce costly Title IV compliance mistakes. It begins with the Foundations of Financial Aid Administration Seminar, a fast-paced, interactive, and highly informative training session.

An intensive, dynamic, interactive workshop that teaches the fundamentals of financial aid processing and Title IV compliance – the fundamentals that financial aid and business office (student accounts) staff need for job success and professional excellence.  In addition, admissions personnel, enrollment managers, and other management staff will also enjoy significant benefits from the knowledge and understanding provided by this program.

Our exclusive Foundations of Title IV Administration and Compliance Seminar is a comprehensive training that explores the concepts, principles, and operations of Title IV financial aid processing – from working with prospective students, to award processing, to disbursements and R2T4. This thorough college-level training program builds a strong foundational understanding of regulatory concepts, processing methodologies, and daily functionalities. Our unique curricula is a dynamic synthesis of current rules and regulations, industry best practices, customer service strategies, and real world examples – from instructors with decades of financial aid, business office and regulatory compliance experience.

Although it is not a novice-level program, this seminar covers each topic from a foundational level, and thus provides new employees a conceptual understanding and real-world examples to help them develop compliant habits and practices along with professional self-confidence. More seasoned employees will benefit from a broader and deeper understanding of the “big picture” of effective Title IV administration, and will learn to build that understanding into more customer-focused systems. The seminar is also highly beneficial for enrollment managers, school directors, and others who are responsible for overseeing financial aid, business office, and/or compliance operations.

Modules/Topics Covered: The seminar is comprised of twelve concentrated modules. Each module includes a lecture session and subsequent individual and small group workshops with case studies, mathematical calculations and role-play. Designed to be dynamic and interactive, the modules include:
   1)  History, Principles, and Professional Qualifications
   2)  General Provisions & Administrative Capability
   3)  Need Analysis
   4)  Budgeting and Packaging
   5)  Federal Pell Grant
   6)  Federal Loan Programs
   7)  Campus-Based and Other Federal Aid
   8)  Third-Party & Institutional Aid and Loans
   9)  Verification & Professional Judgment
10)  Bursar, Student Accounts & Federal Cash Management
11)   Law, Regulation, Guidance & Program Audits
12)  Customer Service, Recruiting & Retention

Seminar Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this seminar, participants will:
o   Possess a strong understanding of the foundational principles of Title IV compliance & administration,
o   Have a thorough comprehension of the processing and documentation requirements in Title IV,
o   Understand the regulatory and program review processes to reduce potential institutional liability,
o   Gain a broad and deep understanding that “connects the dots” in Title IV administration, and
o   Have practical skills in building processes that are both compliant and customer-focused.

Next Training Seminar – Dates and Location: 

Wednesday July 27 (Noon) to Friday July 29 (2:00 pm)
FA Experts Corporate Office and Training Center – Buffalo, New York


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