Compliance & Excellence Reviews™

Assessment is a critical component of compliance – but it is difficult for any entity to perform quality self-evaluation, particularly in a complex regulatory environment.  Sure, you can double-check your current processes and the work you have completed, but how do you determine whether your institution is meeting all of the regulatory requirements if you aren’t really certain that your staff is aware of all of the regulatory requirements?  Sometimes it’s the “things you don’t know” that can create real problems.

Compliance and Excellence Review™

The FA Experts® team can conduct an on-site review of your institution’s compliance with federal Title IV law and regulation – to not only review your existing policies, processes, and procedures, but to identify any compliance requirements of which your institution might not be aware. Our Compliance and Excellence Review™ is an interactive, consultative examination that focuses on both compliance and process effectiveness in the departments/functions regulated by Title IV – including the Financial Aid Office, Business/Student Accounts Office, Admissions, and Registrar/Academics.  This is so much more than a review of the paperwork in the Financial Aid Office.  It is a complete administrative assessment of the entire institution with regard to federal Title IV compliance.  Whether you are anticipating a Federal Program Review in the near future, or you just want to feel comfortable that your institution is in compliance across the board, the Compliance and Excellence Review™ offers peace of mind.

Compliance Makes Sense…  But Why “Excellence”?

Although ensuring compliance is the primary objective of the Review, the FA Experts® Review Team is far more than a group of auditors. Our experienced professionals have decades of experience in numerous administrative roles at many different types of institutions.  Because the Compliance and Excellence Review™ is conducted in a low-pressure, consultative, and interactive manner, our review team will be also able to explore non-regulatory items such as your administration’s operational efficiency, inter-departmental communication, and training needs.  The review team can even evaluate the customer service experience for your prospective and continuing students. Numerous positive outcomes can be the result, including better inter-departmental communication and customer service, resulting in more effective recruiting and retention.

A Compliance and Excellence Review™ will reveal your institution’s strengths while turning each potential weakness into a learning experience and a positive outcome.  Plus, you will have confidence in knowing that you are well-prepared when it comes time for a Federal Program Review.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’d like to talk about scheduling a Compliance and Excellence Review™, or just need more information, please give us a call at 866-767-5692, ext. 700.  We look forward to hearing from you!