Customized Training

Experience new productivity and improve your office’s customer service with FA Experts’ Professional Training Seminars. Unlike traditional financial aid conferences, FA Experts offers intensive, interactive workshops targeted to your specific training needs.

Professional Training

Increase Success – Reduce Risk

Give your staff the confidence and competitive edge to succeed. Professional training from FA Experts provides fundamental financial aid skills, up-to-the-minute regulatory expertise and is proven to reduce costly Title IV compliance mistakes. It begins with the Foundations of Financial Aid Administration Seminar, a fast-paced, interactive, and highly informative training session.

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Foundations of Title IV Administration and Compliance

An intensive, dynamic, interactive workshop that teaches the fundamentals of financial aid processing and Title IV compliance – the fundamentals that financial aid and business office (student accounts) staff need for job success and professional excellence.  In addition, admissions personnel, enrollment managers, and other management staff will also enjoy significant benefits from the knowledge and understanding provided by this program.

ONLINE: Financial Aid Management – Compliance Without Compromise

With a seemingly endless stream of new laws and regulations, institutions have become burdened with ensuring they are compliant while continuing to give great customer service to their students and families and all while achieving larger institutional goals. The role of the Financial Aid Office in compliance cannot be underestimated, but the Director of Financial Aid cannot ensure compliance in a vacuum.

This course is designed to examine the fundamentals of law and regulation, and of the enforcement process. More importantly, this course provides tools for School Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Enrollment Managers, and Financial Aid staff to develop and build compliant practices that don’t interfere with effective operations, customer service or institutional goals. p>

ONLINE: Regulatory Compliance – Outside of the Financial Aid Office

Regulatory Compliance – Outside of the Financial Aid Office
The federal Title IV Financial Aid regulations are like a giant squid with tentacles into almost every other administrative office on campus. Institutions are often surprised when a federal program review spends less time reviewing the Financial Aid Office than in reviewing Admissions or Academics. Further, many of the “big ticket” compliance items are not under the control of the Financial Aid Office at all.

This course helps interpret many of these rules and regulations, and prepares School Directors, other management staff and faculty to recognize “compliance” as an institutional responsibility, rather than solely a “financial aid office” obligation. This will help institutions build a “culture of compliance” and allow for better teamwork and cooperation on this critical issue.

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