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On-Line Courses for Institutional Staff and Managers:

At FA Experts®, we understand that traveling to training events can be difficult for many professionals, particularly key management personnel. So, we have created a series of management-level on-line seminars in conjunction with MaxKnowledge. a leading on-line training provider.

 Our on-line seminars are designed for professionals in all areas of the administration of higher-education, and are tailored for those in leadership, management, and planning positions.  Our current content is below:

Financial Aid Management – Compliance Without Compromise

With a seemingly endless stream of laws and regulations, institutions are burdened with ensuring they are compliant across various departments, including complying with dozens of annual disclosures and reports.  How do you keep it all straight while continuing to give great customer service to their students and families and achieving larger institutional goals?  The role of the Financial Aid Office in compliance cannot be underestimated, but the Director of Financial Aid cannot ensure compliance in a vacuum. A team effort is critical.

This course is designed to examine the fundamentals of law and regulation, and of the enforcement process. It gives a view of compliance from the institutional management perspective.  More importantly, this course provides tools for School Directors, Chief Financial Officers, Enrollment Managers, Registrars, and Financial Aid staff to develop and build compliant policies and practices that don’t interfere with effective operations, customer service, or institutional goals.

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Regulatory Compliance Outside of the Financial Aid Office

The federal Title IV Financial Aid regulations sometimes seems like a giant squid with tentacles into almost every other administrative office on campus. Institutions are often surprised when a federal program review spends less time reviewing the Financial Aid Office than in reviewing Admissions or Academics. Further, many of the “big ticket” compliance items (academc standards, attendance policies, marketing disclosures, campus security, gainful employment, student demographic reporting, etc.) are not under the control of the Financial Aid Office at all.

This course explores the academic, admissions, marketing, and other administrative regulations that have little or nothing to do with the administration of federal financial aid (except that the institution’s eligibility to participate in the Federal Student Aid Programs is dependent upon compliance).  This seminar prepares School Directors and other management staff to recognize “compliance” as an institutional responsibility, rather than solely a “financial aid office” obligation.  More importantly, the course provides strategies for building a “culture of compliance”, in which the entire management team works together to build effective strategies for compliance that are in alignment with the broader goals of the institution.

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