Total School Compliance Management™

As a small, independent institition, wouldn’t it be nice to have a fully-staffed Compliance Office like the huge private colleges and public intitutions? Think of an entire department filled with highly-skilled and experienced professionals who would oversee Title IV compliance throughout your school – including keeping your policies, procedures, website, catalog and publications compliant; maintaining processing systems to account for changing regulations; monitoring operational efficiency and effectiveness; and providing necessary training.  Sounds great, doesn’t it? – but how could a small, independent school afford a compliance team like that that?

Total School Compliance Management™

Total School Compliance Management™ (TSCM™) is FA Experts’ signature product for independent colleges and career schools. TSCM™ includes a suite of FA Experts’ unique products and services, along with ongoing maintenance and support, all for a low monthly fee.

Through TSCM™, institutions gain the benefits of having a highly-experienced team of compliance managers as trusted partners to the school’s management team, at a small fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.  In fact, the monthly cost for TSCM™ is often less than the cost of benefits for one employee.

Your Institutional Compliance Office

Your TSCM relationship includes a wide array of services,  including:

  • Quarterly Training/Consulting Visits – and Real Time Support™ every business day.
  • Our Policy and Procedure Manual service, including ongoing maintenance and timely updates when regulatory changes occur.
  • Assistance with design and maintenance of procedures, forms, and processing systems for financial aid.
  • Compliance and Excellence Review annually. (Major review the first year and targetted reviews in subsequent years).
  • Annual compliance review of catalog and student handbook (if applicable).
  • Website evaluation and maintenance – for compliance and financial aid information.
  • On-demand review of advertising and promotional materials fpr regulatory compliance and proper disclosures.
  • Customized staff training, on-site or electronically (when staff are hired, regulations change, or a need is otherwise identified).
  • Guidance and assistance with federal reporting, required disclosures, and Federal Program Reviews.

Flexible Services – There When You Need Us, Monitoring Continuously.

Total School Compliance Management™ services are scalable – from single-campus schools with less than 100 students to multi-campus schools with thousands of students.  FA Experts’ technological expertise combined with our extensive library of reference materials and proprietary documents allows us to work with diverse school clients nationwide. This capability allows you to share in a virtual “co-op” of highly skilled compliance and efficiency professionals – and our unique Real Time Support™ service is included as part of the package, giving your front-line staff ready access to a veteran financial aid administrator to answer their day-to-day questions.

Affordable Peace of Mind

TSCM™ is designed to ensure your school’s compliance and give you peace of mind – at a price that is affordable for even the smallest institutions. Our highly-experienced TSCM™ team will take care of the big picture issues, so that your staff can focus on providing great customer service – and you won’t ever have to worry about loss of compliance continuity from staff turnover, or the nagging fear that your staff may have overlooked something.

So, if you would like to have the peace of mind that comes from employing the best team of compliance professionals available, please call us  at 866-767-5692 ext. 700 to talk about TSCM™.