Compliance & Operations Consulting

The challenges of compliance with the Title IV (Financial Aid) regulations are almost legendary – complicated processes, ever-changing guidance and regulations, burdensome disclosure requirements…  Your institution’s staff is charged with trying to keep all these regulatory “plates spinning”, while simultaneously trying to deal effectively with the daily demands of paperwork, processing, and providing great customer service to students and parents. If it all seems overwhelming, FA Experts® has the solutions.  Our products and services are built upon a unique fusion of highly-experienced professionals, innovative techniques, and superior customer support; all designed to dramatically lessen the administrative and regulatory burdens at our client institutions.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed for maximum flexibility to meet your institution’s specific needs.  Our consulting team can provide any combination of our signature products and services, and we can also provide targeted consulting, project work, operational support, and staff training – all customized and tailored specifically for your school.

Because our company name is “Financial Aid Experts”, you might think that our expertise is limited strictly to the Financial Aid Office, but Title IV compliance and administration involves numerous other offices and roles across an educational institution. We can provide assistance with all of those areas, including designing compliant policies and efficient, customer-focused procedures.

Much of our consulting activity takes place at your institution, working directly with your team and sharing the benefits of our experience with them.  However, by using technology effectively (from on-line conferencing to good old-fashioned telephone and e-mail), our talented team of professionals can also work closely with your staff directly from our offices.  This combination of on-site and technology-based service allows us to work with your institution more efficiently, with more flexibility, and more cost-effectively.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

FA Experts® is uniquely positioned to react quickly and thoroughly to the needs of your institution. Our experienced consultants have worked for all types of institutions, from non-degree to graduate-level, providing structure, system design, and staff training.  Give us a call toll-free at 866-767-5692 ext. 700, and let’s discuss the great things we can accomplish together at your institution.